Savannah Arborists

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure! Marietta Tree Service is owned by a Savannah arborist who can help in identifying dangerous trees on your adjacent property and notify the adjacent property owner of any known tree hazards. Our Savannah arborist services are especially useful when property owners are faced with dangerous tree removal situations, tree trimming to amend storm damage or tips on improving the health of trees.

certified-arborist-emergency-tree-serviceThis in itself cannot force anyone to remove a hazardous tree on their property, but it can identify liability if the tree causes damages to your property at a later date.

Although many trees can be saved through proper pruning, trimming and maintenance, there are occasions when overcrowding, damage to adjacent structures, or because they are located in an area of new construction –  tree removal is necessary.

Certified Savannah Arborists

Our certified arborist will help you decide if and when your tree should be removed.  Often, trees with major decay and weakened structural integrity that are close to buildings, utility lines, or landscape features with little access must be removed.

Our highly skilled staff and certified Savannah arborist will use complex rigging techniques and if necessary, cranes for lowering wood safely. We pride ourselves on having the best equipment, trucks and chippers for doing the best job we can for our customers.

Don’t wait for a severe storm to identify the danger areas in your trees…
Call Today (912) 376-9914 and we’ll schedule your consultation with our certified Arborist.