Dangerous Tree Removal

Through 25 Years of Experience we are among the most trusted Dangerous Tree Removal experts in Savannah. Trees that have fallen over roads, on homes or cars or even power lines require tree removal specialists – not the average tree removal company.

Fast 24/7 Tree Services

Additionally these situations almost always require a fast response. We own not only specially equipped bucket trucks, trailers and wood chippers but also cranes and rigging equipment. This allows us to respond quickly at any hour of the day or night.

We don’t need to wait on crane rental services or trucking companies. We get to the job quickly and execute tasks with precision.

Reliable Tree Service Experts

Our customers are always fully informed about each and every service option available.  You can feel confident that the job will be done by tree removal experts who know how to protect your family, your home and your property. We make reasonable efforts to avoid damaging your home, yard, landscape or driveway when doing our work.

During the tree removal process we chip up all limbs, branches and brush in our chipper. We then haul away the chips or we can leave them on site if you need organic mulch. Larger limbs can be cut into fireplace length logs (we do not split logs). Very large logs, i.e., tree trunks, can be hauled away on our logging trucks.

Insurance Direct Billing

Marietta Tree Service offers, if your insurance company allows for, direct insurance billing.  This means our homeowners have one less thing to worry about when it comes to resolving fallen or dangerous tree problems. We strive to be a total solutions provider for the Savannah, GA area.

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